For The Love of Cain Always – FTLoCA

The following is taken from my journal that I began when my dog Cain was diagnosed with cancer in April 2008. It chronicles the emotions that I experienced, as well as many lessons that Cain taught me through the gift that was him. It’s an easy read, so please don’t let the lengthy look scare you! I welcome your comments and hope that you too can take something with you as you read along. May it inspire you to live your life filled with love, and to cherish each moment. kk

Friends of Cain
New Beginnings
Best Friends
A New Picture and Unexpected News
A New Test
A Visit To Colorado State University
A Decision Made
Post Surgery
Post Op Results
Did I Mention New Beginnings
About Cain
No Dogs Beyond This Point
Yesterday’s News
Familiar Doors
A Less Invasive Treatment
The End Of Month One
More Sniffles
CBC And Another Lung X-Ray
I Already Knew
The Last Visit of 2008
Four Treatments To Go
A Long Wait
A Private Room
A Long Drive Home
I Wonder
Lessons From Cain
I Get This Way Sometime
A One Year Celebration
Best Friends Again
Angel’s Rest and Lenny
Above Angel’s Rest
Double Digits
Kristin Adams
A Wonderful Summer
438,000 Hours
That Nasty Tumor
The Biggest Sign of All
A Sunny Day From A Dog’s Perspective
One Last Trip
Many Changes
Two Familiar Voices
A Slow Walk
The Same
Too Much Snow
Ups and Downs
A Roller Coaster
Extra Thoughts
A Bright Flame
The Biggest Lesson Learned
An Empty Space
Missing You
For A Moment
Sleeping With Bear
The Phone Call
An Adventure
Dear Cain
A Conversation With Erin Allen
A Visit From Kristin Adams
I Keep Thinking
No Promises
A Blessing At Best Friends
A Shadow And Emotions
Bear And Cain: A Special Bond
Misty Morning
A Walk With An Angel
The Red Rubber Ball
Three Signs
A Road Trip Of Emotion
Aileen Walden And The Canyon’s Magic
A Breeze At Angels Rest
Tremendous People
What If Christmas
Be The Change
Thank You To Friends And Inspirations
January Day
Just Call Them Signs
Beneath The Surface
Dear Kelly
IMYLove Is To Be Shared
I Didn’t Cry
The World Goes On
A Picture Perfect Purple Haze
A Basketball Jones
The Leash In My Back Pocket
Celebrate The Moments With Pink Sugar Icing
The Ice Cream Truck
Finding Purpose and Passion
My Rainbow Connection
Sprinklers At Dawn
Fragments of Thoughts in a Field of Blue Flowers
An Angel and an Ice Cream Truck
Remembering Cain
Twice Today