A Breeze At Angels Rest

December 16, 2009

“I am a thousand winds that blow.”

I arrived at Angels Rest to a quiet peacefulness as the sun began to dip on the day. Shadows danced softly with the fading light and a chilled breeze beckoned the chimes to sing their sweet song. I made my way slowly to the same gazebo that offered shelter from the sun on that hot day last spring, and sat with my thoughts for a time. My teary eyes closed to the world as I sat motionless; the picture in my mind vivid with the memories of that day. I was alone, but not for long, when somewhere within Angels Rest the chimes began softly singing. My tears were replaced with a smile.

A Memory Revisited

A Memory Revisited

Much of the beauty of Angels Rest lies not in what you see, but what you hear. As I walked away, the gentle music of the chimes followed me. I turned for a moment and blew a kiss, leaving a piece of my heart to flow with the canyon breezes.