Love Grows
Far worse than hearing that your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, is losing your best friend to cancer.

This 2″ x 3″, hand made paper heart is infused with wildflower seeds. Write a wish, or a loving thought on the paper. Plant, water and nurture your heart and wildflowers will bloom for the cure.

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Love Grows is dedicated to all dogs that have lost their lives to cancer, and to canine cancer survivors.
The net proceeds from Love Grows are donated to non profit organizations that research & treat canine cancer, and non-profits that provide financial support to families who cannot afford cancer treatment for their pets.

The world is our garden. Let’s bring wishes to life, and envision the day when cancer is no more than a six letter word!

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Wishcuit Seed Heart Wishcuit Seed Heart

** The seed paper is produced locally and made from 100%
post-industrial, recycled paper & dyed with all-natural, vegetable
based pigments. The label is printed with water and soy based
inks & the packaging is primarily corn-based. The production
facility is also sustainable and powered by a 30kW solar power
system – which means it is powered by the sun that makes the
product grow!

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