A Blessing At Best Friends

November 26, 2009

Each month Best Friends holds a monthly blessing to honor the animals that have crossed the previous month.  Jennifer Johnson, who works for Best Friends, recently contacted me and though we’ve never met,  I  now count her among the many friends that I attribute to Cain.  She offered to honor Cain at the blessing on the evening of November 24 and read what I have written below.   I wanted to include a note that she sent to me the following day.

Thank you Cain for bringing Jenn into my life…

Dear Cain,Cain and Kel

You were my constant companion and my best friend.  You will always be my inspiration for everything I do. You have been my greatest teacher and from you I learned much in the time that we were given.

Wherever you are, run fast and drink from a bowl; eat without assistance. Bark loud and lick your chops; breath without a struggle. Walk without stumbling and swim without sinking; be the first dog in at the end of the race.  Jump high with grace with legs that are strong and catch that squirrel before he gets up the tree.  Then let him go with a smile, finally knowing that you could.  Enjoy all of the things that you were not afforded to do on your own while you were here with me.

Keep playing tug and flying like an airplane and chasing tennis balls. Roll on your back and get real dirty; keep smiling that great big bully grin. As your spirit soars freely, I can still feel those eyes that were forever watching me, one blue eye and one eye brown, and I know that you are saving a spot for me by your side as you explore the new trails you have found.

Thank you my dear friend for choosing me to spend your moments with.  I’ll always love you; you’re forever with me in my heart.