Fragments of Thoughts in a Field of Blue Flowers

September 1, 2010

Plant a forget-me-not in the garden of your heart for me.”

It was a sunny day and I had just picked up Cain from the vet. He was moving slowly, and at one point I gathered him in my arms and carried him for a while until we came to a field.

We made our way through the grass, and as I looked down I noticed it was filled with thousands of tiny blue flowers.

We laid in the sun, in the middle of the field. There were no trees. I closed my eyes, and after what seemed like hours, he nudged me, as if to say, “I’m ready to go.”

He stood and looked at me, and then slowly walked away, fading into the field. Then it all disappeared…
The field was no longer there.
My eyes fluttered open…
remembering fragments of my dream.