Let the Love Begin!

Welcome to my very own blog! This is my first post, and I just want to tell everyone how excited I am to finally get the Love Adds Up for a Cure campaign under way. Sitting at a keyboard can get pretty lonely, especially when you’re a pit bull that thrives on meeting people, so I finally got behind the wheel, well actually I sit in the passenger seat, and started pounding the pavement. In case you missed it, my goal is to raise $50,000 for canine cancer research and treatment this year, and part of my plan to achieve this is to get at least 5,000 businesses across the country to partner with me and join the campaign! I know what you’re thinking…that’s a lot of businesses, but trust me, I can do it! I’m a dog of intelligence, and I’ve broken it down into 50 parts and will be enlisting 100 businesses in each state to get involved by purchasing stickers for resale. Right now the wheels on my mom’s car are spinning, and I’m getting my paws wet in Colorado, but if you’ve got a favorite business that you think might like to join us, please email me, leave a comment below, or on my Facebook page at Zoey Says Stick It To Canine Cancer. I’ll be sure to track ’em down!

As you can see by the big grin on my face, my good looks and charming personality have already begun to work their magic because there are lots of great businesses that are joining the campaign. Well I’m also grinning because everywhere I go, they give me lots of yummy treats…I love this job!! Anyway, I can’t wait to introduce you to our partners for a cure in my upcoming posts, along with everything else I’m doing. Let the countdown begin!!

Talk to you soon, and remember…Love Adds Up!….Love, Zoey❤
Zoey, Love Adds Up for A Cure
Photo by Kristin Adams Pet Photography