Patrick Sent Me!

“There are two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle, the other as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

This week’s Patrick Sent Me features Florida Boxer Rescue, One Starfish Rehoming Connections, and United Hope for Animals. All champions to dogs, and like so many others, dedicated to those that have suffered abuse and neglect. To help support them, they have all been added to the drop down menu on the Love Adds Up page for anyone interested in supporting them through the purchase of a sticker or magnet too.

The three dogs featured, London, Braveheart and Lancelot have their own Facebook pages, and each of them reminds us of the special gifts that dogs possess. The power of their love, and their will to forgive and trust, transcends beyond what many of us can logically comprehend. As I was completing the video, I came across two more dogs rescued by United Hope for Animals, Shalla and Mommie Chaya and her new pups, and thankfully had room to add them in at the end! Read more below the video….

There’s a shout out to the fans of the Facebook pages, The Patrick Miracle and Patrick’s Pals, for their tireless “sharing”, as they continue to spread the word about animal abuse, the on going atrocity of dogs in emergency situations and those in desperate need of foster homes and adoptions.

And a very special thanks to the veterinarians and staff…
Braveheart – UW Veterinary Care – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lancelot – Valley Veterinary Clinic
London – East Orlando Animal Hospital

And big thanks to Arlis Moon for letting me use his song, Change Your Mind.