For A Moment

November 15, 2009

“Remember him with smiles when you can, he never thought of life any other way with you.”
-Sent to me by my friend Josi

Tugs Between Friends

Tugs Between Friends

Early this morning I heard a train whistle. I thought of Cain and how he used to bark every time he heard a train, but this morning it is only me, and the quiet stillness of the morning is deafening. For a moment my mind imagines his hoarse bark and I smile.

With almost a foot of new snow there will be no walks today and I think that is good. I’m watching Bear wander from room to room and I pull out a tug toy to try to teach her to play with me, instead of Cain. She plays for a moment, shakes it from side to side and seeming slightly bored with this new process, lays down. I guess as everyone says, it will take time.

I have received many messages over the past few days and I am fortunate and blessed to have such great friends and family in my life. Their words have been a comfort, and for a moment…I smile.