Did I Mention New Beginnings

July 2

When I left my job, which now seems like ages ago, I was embarking on new beginnings, which didn’t include cancer. I have to say this has taken the wind out of my sails.   I know I should be moving forward with my business, but Cain’s health weighs heavy on my mind and I do nothing but spend time with him.  I remind myself daily how lucky I am.  Had I not taken him for that x-ray back in April, this story could and probably would play out differently.   I still question whether or not opting out of chemo was the right decision.

I’m starting Cain on alternative medicines.  A mixture of herbs that Dr. Deloage at Deer Creek has prescribed.  It feels healthier to me than the chemo but he hates the taste. Funny how something good for you can taste so bad, and how something bad usually tastes good!