Give Your Pet a Massage to Check For Lumps and Bumps

It’s the first of the month and the pack and I just had our massages…now it’s time for me to remind everyone else to do the same. Just in case you missed the drill before, it goes like this…Start by taking a look inside your pet’s ears, nose and mouth and then work your way from their head to the tip of their tail. Massage each leg, and check in between each toe too. If you find a lump, remember…not all lumps are cancer, and a consult with your veterinary specialist is the best way to find out!

As always, I’m sharing my Top 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pet Animals info card. These signs can be symptoms of other diseases as well, so please contact your veterinarian if you have any concerns. Don’t delay…massage away, and please share this important information. Your share might save a life! Thanks so much! ~Zo
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