Dream Believin’

So a while back I joined a Pit Bull Group that is based in New York City. I don’t remember why, since I live in Colorado and I’m never able to join them for any of their group activities. I’ve stayed connected though, always trying to remember to RSVP “no” for the frequent group activities, and until the other day, wondered if it might make sense to drop from the group. As all things happen, there is always a reason, and my connection to the group became apparent to me as I sat reading a message from the group’s organizer. There was finally something that I could get involved in, all while sitting quite comfortably in front of my laptop from almost two thousand miles away. (Read more below the video!)

Amy Calmann, the organizer of the NYC Pit Bull Group had just sent an interesting email. Seems that Miriam Bouchma, a member in the group had seen a Kong campaign done in Providence, RI last year. The people who share their life with “Vicktory” dog, Handsome Dan decided to help dogs in all of the shelters in Providence by collecting Kong toys for them at Christmas time. Their campaign was a huge success and Miriam thought that if the same type of campaign were launched through the NYC Pit Bull Group, that they would also have success at collecting Kong toys for shelter dogs in NYC. With nearly 1,000 members, Amy started publicizing the campaign to the group, and the word has spread like wildfire.

Wishcuit just donated Kong toys and has taken it one step further. We’ve added NYC Pit Bull Group to the drop down menu on the Love Adds Up page. From now through March 31, 2011, just click on NYC Pit Bull Group, and 50% of the proceeds will go toward the purchase of more Kong toys to benefit the dogs of Animal Care & Control of New York City, and of course you can donate Kong toys directly by visiting NYC Pit Bull Group, or Help Dreams Come True.

I have traded emails with Amy and Miriam, and I know I will always be there in spirit for the meet ups that I’m too far away to attend! I now realize my connection!