I Keep Thinking

November 23, 2009

As I stood on the other side of the pasture this morning, I kept looking at the house and the bank of glass that runs across the back side. I remembered early mornings when I would slip out of the house as Cain slept in, only to look up from this point and see his face staring back from me. Wanting to come out, looking at me with a wondering look as if I had forgotten him.

Waiting At The Window

Waiting At The Window

I would walk back to the house and was always greeted with that expressive look he had, smiling with his ears back and that whole body wag. It was his way of thanking me for his release into the outside and the opportunity to “help”, all the while looking forward to a game of tug or keep away with the ball.

I keep thinking that every time I look up, I’ll see him waiting there for me. That soft white glow from the other side of the glass. I keep thinking, but it doesn’t happen.