October 21, 2009

Some time ago in another post I mentioned the Argus Institute. This time Gail sits with me, talks with me, and listens to me. She lays down a mat and a blanket for Cain so he doesn’t have to lay on the cold floor, and when she is called away, asks Erin to come in the room to console me. Together we sit with Cain as I try to accept what is happening. Erin explains that I will be giving him the best gift, by helping him to make this last transition when the time comes, but unfortunately I am cursed with human feelings and selfish thoughts of losing my best friend. I tell her I can accept death but I’m feeling an overwhelming sadness of being alone without him. How do you console someone, who seems beyond consolation? I still don’t understand how they do their job. They are, simply said, very special people.