Angel’s Rest and Lenny

May 12, 2009

Angel’s Rest lies within the canyon at Best Friends on a quiet stretch of road a short distance from the Welcome Center. It is the final resting place for many animals whose spirits flow with the wind while making music through the chimes that memorialize them. A most magical place, where love is everywhere and shared with all who enter the gates and walk in this garden of memories.

I’ve been drawn here today as if by a magnet and upon arriving am overcome by emotions. It’s as if the present and the future catch up with each other and I begin to cry. As I sit on a rock across the road, it is here that I am introduced to the magic that is Lenny, the caretaker of Angel’s Rest. He invites us across the road to come inside Angel’s Rest to spend some time and feel the spiritual strength that envelopes your entire being as you walk along it’s pathways. He is a gentle soul and someone who cares deeply for what he does. We have quiet conversation in the shade of a gazebo as he softly strokes Cain’s fur and he tells me of a special place where you can look out over the entire canyon and Angel’s Rest. It’s as if I’m talking to an old friend and I now realize what brought me here. Thank you Lenny.