A Less Invasive Treatment

November 13, 2008

Another early morning ride to Fort Collins for our appointment at CSU.

Once again we are greeted in the waiting room by a handful of dogs and their owners.  The atmosphere seems less scary this time as we take a seat and wait our turn.  A nice gentleman engages me in conservation and shares his story of his dog’s cancer.  He explains that he is here for a second round of chemotherapy and that so far, everything has been good.  Reassuring words that bring some comfort to my nervousness.  We only exchange a few words before they come to get Cain for another x-ray to determine if his lungs are cleared and we too can begin chemotherapy.

I strike up a new conversation with a woman and her dog Buddy.  They have traveled from Carbondale to seek advice for a new cancer that he has.  He is a sweet dog that enjoys the banana flavored biscuit I retrieve from my purse.  I wish them good luck as they are called away.

I find that people come from all over for the country for the exceptional care, incredible doctors and specialized treatment provided by Colorado State and I never doubt Cain is in the very best hands.

Moments later, Dr. Biller, my favorite, brings Cain back to me and informs me that there is still some pneumonia present, however it has cleared enough to start treatment.  I have decided on the metronomic therapy as it is less invasive to his system and is in pill form so I can administer myself.  We’re given 3 different bottles of medicine and will begin treatment tomorrow.  Hugs to Dr. Biller and we make the trip home.